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CGNY is a software development company that specializes in web based application development for desktop and mobile users.

We specialize in custom web based applications to satisfy specific business needs. If you need a platform to manage clients and send invoices, which allows your clients to login and pay invoices, we can do that. If you need a simple website that has just 5 pages about your product or company, we can do that too. If you need a website with over 10,000 products which is multi-linguial, has a blog, an admin product management section, CRM, invoice and shipping management, we can do that too.

Product development is our passion. Creativity and design is always an integral part of everything we do as well.

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Website Development

Solid, creative websites that strike interest in the viewer. All of our websites are responsive to make your site easily viewable across all media, in todays high tech society.

Web Application Development

This is our speciality. We provide custom web based applications to satisfy the needs of the client.

Mobile Application Development

We also offer mobile web based applications as well as iOS and Android platforms.

Database Application Development

Managing a lot of data? We can provide you with a custom application that gives you a way to do this most efficiently with a custom UI with a solid and powerful database on the back-end.

ECommerce Website Development

For those interested in selling products online, we can develop the website, host it, offer SSL and credit card payment methods. An admimistrative product management section is availble as well. Update products on your website at anytime.

Design Influenced by Innovation

Not just another website. CGNY is all about developing highly creative websites that give your brand or company a very unique feel and branding.

About CGNY

CGNY was founded by Christian Gibbs, an experienced software engineer.

We have been established since 2011. CGNY was started in NYC.

Our clients ranged from companies that need powerful tools to the boutique retail company offering high fashion to the musician that needs a simple website developed.

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